Sound Healing and Woodstock Chimes

Sound Healing and Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chimes

There is certainly no shortage of stress in today’s busy world, and it’s difficult to get a break from daily pressures and responsibilities. There is equally no shortage of remedies for those who are stressed out, anxious, or otherwise emotionally strained. 

As the creator of the original musically tuned wind chimes, it won’t come as a surprise that we recommend sound healing to help manage stress levels. Sound healing, or sound therapy, is a very simple concept:  your body reacts to certain sounds and vibrations in ways that can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

This type of healing is effective in a variety of ways. Frequencies of certain notes and tones have long been attributed to healing the psyche, cleansing toxins, facilitating change, healing relationships, and awakening intuition. Many Woodstock Chimes are tuned to these frequencies, including the Gregorian Chimes and Habitat Chimes. But you don’t have to find a perfect pulsation to experience the benefits of sound healing. Beautiful sound - regardless of frequency - also makes a powerful addition to meditation.

Although it may seem intimidating, sound healing is very simple. Start with your favorite Woodstock Chime and hang it outdoors, where it can do double duty as a garden accessory. Alternatively, hold the hanging ring in one hand and let the wind chime hang below. Sit comfortably and strike the chime. As the chime rings, inhale with a slow, deep breath. Hold your breath until the echo of the chime begins to fade. Strike the chime again and slowly exhale until the echo of the chime fades away. Continue with this exercise, slowly breathing in and out, until you’re feeling calm and centered. The resonance of the vibration of sound releases stresses and calms the mind.

Woodstock Chimes are the perfect instrument to incorporate into sound healing as each of our chimes is musically tuned to produce beautiful tones and resonant sounds. Unlike competitors that only offer a handful of chimes suitable for sound healing, Woodstock Chimes has literally dozens of chimes in a wide variety of sizes and finishes that make a perfect addition to your sound healing experience (and a perfect accent to your indoor or outdoor decor).

Even better, our chimes are designed to complement each other. A combination of corresponding melodies works together to enhance each other’s tone and create a virtual garden of sound, enhancing the sound-healing experience. Add to your sound healing practices with a symphony of integrative sounds. Visit our Sound Garden to get started.

Get lost in our beautiful melodies and choose a chime or two to help elevate your mood, heal your spirit, and accent your space. When you own a Woodstock Chime, you’ll find yourself looking for reasons to surround yourself with sound as you pause, reflect, and meditate.

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