Honor Loved Ones With Musical Memorial Wind Chimes

Honor Loved Ones With Musical Memorial Wind Chimes

Woodstock Chimes

Have you ever wanted to honor and cherish a loved one with a special gift? A gift showing how much you care and can be cherished for years?

Woodstock Chimes, the renowned musical chime company, has introduced a new lineup of musically tuned chimes that make perfect gifts to show your love and appreciation of someone special. Whether it is a friend graduating, someone who served in the armed forces, or to commemorate an anniversary or special occasion - these personalized chimes tuned to the opening notes of Amazing Grace are sure to bring joy to the recipient. Let us help you give a gift that will last a lifetime.

What Makes Wind Chimes the Perfect Gift

When you’re looking for a special gift to honor the ones you love, look no further than Woodstock Chimes. Our new musically-tuned personalized chimes will capture the heart and soul of any recipient, whether it’s for wedding and housewarming celebrations, or a Mother’s and Father’s Day remembrance.

We’ve designed these chimes with specific recognition and acknowledgments in mind. We offer special gifts to honor those who have served in the armed forces, as well as loved ones who are graduating. These kind gestures let them know that you appreciate their time and hard work.

What makes our wind chimes so unique is that they are all tuned to the opening notes of a special song - the hymn Amazing Grace - which adds an even more meaningful touch. The musical notes provide a soothing sound when the wind blows, and will be treasured forever by your loved one.

Types of Wind Chimes Available for Honoring Loved Ones

At Woodstock Chimes, we offer a unique selection of wind chimes that are perfect for honoring those you love. Whether it's a military veteran or one who has passed on, our chimes are a beautiful way to commemorate their lives and celebrate their contributions. We also have beautiful wedding chimes, so you can celebrate special occasions with something that will last a lifetime.

Most of our personalized chimes are musically tuned to the hymn Amazing Grace, making them a wonderful keepsake that will remind your recipient of your thoughtfulness and the beauty of life. Our musical memorial wind chimes come in three different sizes, so you can choose the perfect chime for any occasion. We even offer customized engraving options so you can add an extra special touch to this meaningful gift.

Why Amazing Grace Is the Perfect Tune for Honoring the Military

When it comes to honoring the military and veterans, Amazing Grace is a meaningful musical choice. The hymn is beloved by many for its peaceful and uplifting melody that transcends religious beliefs and brings people together in harmony.

Religious Significance

Originally written in 1779 by John Newton - himself a former slave trader - Amazing Grace was the result of his conversion from slavery to faith. For this reason, the song has become associated with finding inner peace in even the toughest of times, making it an ideal choice for individuals who want to pay homage to those who have served in the military or lost loved ones in battle.

Spiritual Aspect

The lyrics of Amazing Grace also touch on spiritual themes that are comforting to many believers. This includes expressing God's infinite love and mercy, a reminder of what can be achieved through faith and hope, even during difficult times. These comforting words can be a source of strength and comfort for those who have suffered losses or hardships due to their service in the military.

The tune of Amazing Grace is much-loved around the world, making it the perfect choice for honoring members of the armed forces who have made sacrifices to protect our freedom. Our wind chimes are tuned to this timeless hymn, which serves as a beautiful way to memorialize those you love with a special sound that will never fade away.

Top Picks for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gifts

When it comes to Mother's Day and Father's Day, you want to get something truly special for your parents. With that in mind, we have a few top picks from our musical memorial wind chimes collection that are perfect for your mom and dad.

For Mom:

We have a number of chimes specifically designed for Mother’s Day. Our “Mom” chime is tuned to the hymn Amazing Grace, which is a beautiful and timeless way to show appreciation. The design is made with 100% recycled aluminum tubes and rust-resistant bronze powder coating that will stay looking like new in any weather conditions.

For Dad:

For dad, we recommend our Heroic Windbells - handcrafted steel bells with deep resonance that function nicely as a welcome bell at an entrance to a home or garden. These steel bells have been coated with a handsome, durable finish so dad can show off his love of music in style!. 

These are just two of the many unique gifts you can find at Woodstock Chimes - just one way for you to honor the ones you love this upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

Wind Chimes for Weddings, Housewarmings, and Graduations

Want to give a gift this season for weddings, housewarmings, or graduations that will stand out above the rest? Our musical memorial wind chimes make the perfect keepsake for these special occasions. Not only do they produce a beautiful melody that can be heard in any outdoor space, but they also serve as a meaningful reminder of a special bond and as a source of inspiration.

We have a variety of classic and modern designs that are perfect for any outdoor décor, no matter the style. Whether it’s a classic church bell for a wedding, a rustic antique for a housewarming, or a modern twinkle for a graduation, you’re sure to find a chime to suit the occasion.

We also have a selection of special engraving options that help make your gift truly one of a kind. You can have your wind chime engraved with a meaningful message or your recipient’s name, making it a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Our musical memorial wind chimes make the perfect gift for any occasion. They can provide a beautiful melody and a source of inspiration and comfort to the recipients, while also providing a lasting reminder of your friendship and love.

Graduations? Look no further than Woodstock Chimes! We carry musically tuned chimes and decor for the garden that truly make an impression.

These wind chimes are perfect gifts to honor those you love. Each chime is tuned to the opening notes of the hymn Amazing Grace and will be a gift that the recipient will treasure forever. Whether it’s a tribute of service to our armed forces or a meaningful way to recognize special milestones throughout life, you can rest assured knowing your loved one will always remember your thoughtful gesture. Our wind chimes are made with premium materials, so they produce a beautiful ringing sound every time they move and will last for years to come.

Don’t just give a gift they’ll never forget - give them something that honors the people you love in an emotional and meaningful way!

How to Choose the Best Wind Chime for Your Occasion

You may be wondering how to choose the best wind chime for your occasion. There are a few things to consider when selecting a wind chime. First, think about the music. Woodstock Chimes carries a variety of musically tuned chimes that have been hand-tuned by musician and company founder, Garry Kvistad.

Second, consider the sound of the wind chime you are selecting. Not all materials and sizes produce the same sound - some are louder than others and each type has its own unique character. Be sure to select one that fits your needs and will sound great in your space.

Finally, think about the look of your wind chime. We offer a wide selection of designs - from nature inspired looks to pieces with patriotic motifs and intricate designs - so you can find something that fits with your style and space. Whether you’re looking for an antique look or something more modern, we have something to suit any occasion and personality.

Why we Designed these Chimes

You might be wondering why we decided to design these musically tuned chimes. Well, we noticed a gap in the market for meaningful gifts to honor those you love - like those who have served in the armed forces, those who are graduating, and even for weddings and house warmings - so we decided to fill it.

By creating personalized wind chimes tuned to the hymn Amazing Grace, we're able to give you a chance to memorialize your loved ones in a truly meaningful way. Our wind chimes come with an array of options for customization - you can choose from different metal finishes and engravings that allow you to create a unique design that will be treasured forever.

In addition, these chimes are made with the highest quality materials available and are designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Plus, they look great too! We have lots of styles that will make a great addition to any home or garden.

So when you're looking for something special to honor those you love, look no further than our musically-tuned wind chimes - they will be sure to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!


Whether you’re celebrating a moment, honoring a memory, or showing your appreciation, Woodstock Chimes musical memorial wind chimes are the perfect gift to sound the joyous music of gratitude, remembrance, and affection. With melodic musical chimes that are thoughtfully tuned to “Amazing Grace”, you’ll have found a gift that the recipient can cherish for years to come.

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