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Woodstock Shimmers™ - Crystal, Marquise.

Shimmers - Crystal Marquise main image
Shimmers - Crystal Marquise main image
Shimmers - Crystal Marquise lifestyle image
Shimmers - Crystal Marquise full product image
Shimmers - Crystal Marquise proportion image

Woodstock Shimmers™ - Crystal, Marquise


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With a marquise shape reminiscent of jewelry, this pointed oval draws the eye to its center crystal. This shimmering beauty twirls gently in even the slightest breeze.

The marquise shape is flashy and bold. These curved rings surround a crystal center. Together they reflect and sparkle, creating a breathtaking display of shimmering light.

Luminous reflections of nature's prettiest gifts, this ornamental suncatcher features a faceted crystal in the center of the geometric rings. Comes with approximately 20 inches of line and an alligator clip, which makes hanging this pretty suncatcher a breeze.

How to fan out a shimmer.