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Woodstock Shimmers™ - Nature, Butterfly.

Shimmers - Butterfly main image
Shimmers - Butterfly main image
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Woodstock Shimmers™ - Nature, Butterfly


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A shimmering butterfly takes center stage, surrounded by a starburst ring. This little beauty will twirl sweetly with the slightest movement of air.

A symbol of transformation, butterflies serve as a reminder not to be afraid to make changes when an opportunity arises. This butterfly floats amid a series of shiny rings that catch the slightest breeze. The butterfly's circular dance creates a breathtaking display of shimmering light.

Luminous reflections of nature's prettiest gifts, this ornamental suncatcher comes with approximately 20 inches of line and an alligator clip, which makes hanging this pretty suncatcher a breeze.

How to fan out a shimmer.