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Rainbow Makers Tree Large Refill.

Rainbow Makers Large Tree Refill main image
Rainbow Makers Large Tree Refill main image
Rainbow Makers Large Tree Refill alt image

Rainbow Makers Tree Large Refill


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Includes a generous selection of our popular Woodstock Rainbow Makers.

One hundred twenty-two of our Rainbow Makers to refill your display, plus 122 organza gift bags. These sell best when displayed near a light source - they'll fill your store with rainbows! Specifically, this refill includes:

Crystal Fantasy:

2 CFAN Angel
2 CFBI Bird
2 CFBU Butterfly
2 CFCA Cats
2 CFCRD Cardinal
2 CFDO Dolphins
2 CFDR Dragonfly
2 CFFA Fairy
2 CFFO Fox
2 CFHO Horse
2 CFHU Hummingbird
2 CFLL Llama
2 CFMM Mermaid
2 CFOW Owl
2 CFPF Pink Flamingo
2 CFPI Pig
2 CFRF Rainbow Fairy
3 CFTC Tabby Cat
3 CFTL Tree of Life
2 CFWH Winged Heart
1 CFZTL Large, Tree of Life

Crystal Guardian Angel:

3 CGGT Garnet
3 CGAT Amethyst
3 CGAQ Aquamarine
3 CGAB Aurora Borealis
3 CGEM Emerald
3 CGLA Light Amethyst
3 CGRY Ruby
3 CGPE Peridot
3 CGSA Sapphire
3 CGRO Rose
3 CGTZ Topaz
3 CGBZ Blue Zircon

Crystal Grand Cascade:

1 CCGG Green
1 CCGI Ice
1 CCGM Moonlight
1 CCGR Rainbow

Crystal Rainbow Cascade:

2 CCAL Almond
3 CCBA Ball
2 CCIC Icicle
2 CCOC Octagon

Crystal Heart Cascade:

2 CCHI Ice
2 CCHR Rose
2 CCHY Ruby

Crystal Ice Cascade:

1 CCIA Almond
1 CCIB Ball
1 CCII Icicle
1 CCIO Octagon

Crystal Moonlight Cascade:

1 CCMA Almond
1 CCMB Ball
1 CCMI Icicle
1 CCMO Octagon

Crystal Sunrise Cascade:

1 CCSG Green
1 CCSP Pink
1 CCSU Purple

Crystal Spiral:

1 CS21 Rainbow Butterflies, Small Ball
1 CS23 Rainbow Hearts

Crystal Wonders:

2 CWBUT Butterfly
2 CWPEA Peacock

Heart of Hearts:

2 HHCH Chakra

And get for FREE

1 RMINS Rainbow Makers Brochure
1 RMPLAC Rainbow Makers Placard
122 BAGL Organza Gift Bag