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Rainbow Makers Farm Package.

Rainbow Makers Farm Package main image
Rainbow Makers Farm Package main image
Rainbow Makers Farm Package alt image

Rainbow Makers Farm Package


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A RM refill with Crystal Fantasies, Angels and Cascades - 33 total, plus organza gift bags.

These sell best when displayed near a light source - it'll fill your store with rainbows!

Specifically, this refill includes:

3 CFBU Crystal Fantasy - Butterfly
3 CFCO Crystal Fantasy - Cow
3 CFHO Crystal Fantasy - Horse
3 CFHU Crystal Fantasy - Hummingbird
3 CFPI Crystal Fantasy - Pig
3 CFTL Crystal Fantasy - Tree of Life
3 CFTR Crystal Fantasy - Tractor
3 CGAT Crystal Guardian Angel - Amethyst
3 CGAB Crystal Guardian Angel - Aurora Borealis
2 CCBA Crystal Rainbow Cascade - Ball
2 CCII Crystal Ice Cascade - Icicle
2 CCSU Crystal Sunrise Cascade - Purple
And get for free:
1 CDR Fiddlehead Rotating Counter Display - Silver
1 RMINS Rainbow Makers Brochure
1 RMPLAC Rainbow Makers Placard
33 BAGL Organza Gift Bag