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Personalization Large Refill.

Personalization Refill - Large main image
Personalization Refill - Large main image
Personalization Refill - Large alt image

Personalization Large Refill


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Customers will love the ability to personalize this mix of Signature Collection products. Thirty-six of our best chimes from our Signatue Collection.

Specifically, this refill includes:

2 ACS Anniversary Chime
2 AFASB Affirmation Chime - Amazing Grace
2 AGLBR Amazing Grace Chime - Large, Bronze
2 AGLS Amazing Grace Chime - Large, Silver
2 AGMBR Amazing Grace Chime - Medium, Bronze
2 AGMS Amazing Grace Chime - Medium, Silver
2 AGMU Woodstock Memorial Chime - Amazing Grace
2 AGSBR Amazing Grace Chime - Small, Bronze
2 AGSS Amazing Grace Chime - Small, Silver
2 BDAY Happy Birthday Chime
2 GAS Gregorian Chimes - Alto, Silver
2 IDO Wedding Chime
2 OVER Over the Rainbow Chime
2 PCC Pachelbel Canon Chime - Silver
2 PCCG Pachelbel Canon Chime - Green
2 RMCAT Pet Memorial Chime - Cat
2 RMDOG Pet Memorial Chime - Dog
2 RML Memorial Chime - Large
1 CAT Woodstock Chimes Catalog
1 RMINS Rainbow Makers Brochure