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Woodstock Green Jasper Chime™.

Green Jasper Chime main image
Green Jasper Chime main image
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Green Jasper Chime musical scale

Woodstock Green Jasper Chime™


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Square lines & stone accents creates an air of simple sophistication.

The relaxing sound of this wind chime comes from a special tuning based on the "Golden Ratio." Discovered by the ancient Greeks, this ratio also appears in the Fibonacci sequence and can be used to define the proportional patterns that are found in the structure and design of familiar garden inhabitants such as the sunflower and snail. Jasper, an opaque rock, occurs in many colors. Since the color green is said to represent healing and health, we blended green stone beads with a rectangular faux jasper windcatcher to create our beautiful Green Jasper Chime. Hang this handsome windchime in your garden and experience the beauty and harmony that can come from the pleasing ratios found in nature.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

View our Product Care Guide here.