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Dear Valued Woodstock Customers,

We want to update you with some very good news!

First, we thank you for your continued support and business. This year we’ve seen record-breaking demand for Woodstock Chimes. You have had your share of uncertainty over the last couple years; however, your perseverance, and dedication to your customers has made our network of independent retailers stronger than ever.

We are proud to have serviced you for over 40 years! We greatly value our partnership with you. We are happy to announce that we are shipping in-stock orders within 2-5 days. Getting the product to you is priority #1, and we are focused on completing these shipments as quickly and as complete as possible. We thank you for your continued patience, and we know you and your customers will love the product when it soon arrives. Our current fill rate is back to normal at close to 100%. We couldn’t be happier to be in a great inventory position.

The ocean freight surcharge was something we had to reluctantly put in place a year ago in the face of extraordinarily high freight costs. Today, we are announcing that effective October 10, we are waiving the ocean freight surcharge. We promised the surcharge was temporary, and we are delighted to eliminate it completely now that we’re seeing ocean transportation costs moving in the right direction.

So – we are in stock, shipping fast and the shipping surcharge is now eliminated. It’s great to get back to “normal”.

We wish you the absolute best this upcoming Holiday season.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 800-422-4463 or reach out to me at any time.

Betsy Harrington
Vice President of Sales

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