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Chakra Chimes Refill.

Chakra Chimes Refill main image
Chakra Chimes Refill main image
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Chakra Chimes Refill


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Keep your chakras aligned and in stock with this Chakra Chimes refill.

Twenty-seven chimes from our Signature Collection.

Specifically, this refill includes:

2 CC7 Chakra Chime - Seven Stones, Silver
2 CC7BR Chakra Chime - Seven Stones, Bronze
2 CCAM Chakra Chime - Amethyst
2 CCAV Chakra Chime - Aventurine
2 CCCI Chakra Chime - Citrine
2 CCL Chakra Chime - Lapis
2 CCMC Crystal Meditation Chime - Silver
2 CCT Chakra Chime - Turquoise
2 CFCRD Crystal Fantasy - Cardinal
2 CCMK Crystal Meditation Chime - Black
2 CCR Chakra Chime - Red Coral
2 CCAB Chakra Chime - Amber
3 WFTE Crystal Tree of Life Chime